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Monday, September 29, 2008

review of 'Constellation of the Dragonfly'

"Constellation of the Dragonfly by F.J. Bergmann (Plan B Press, P O Box 3242, Fairfax, VA 22038) is a poetry collection which glows like a pearl necklace of the mind. There are poems like Moonlighting which begins with a humorous list of day job titles, like cakewalker, praline chef and reveals the real job poignantly. "Atonal Bisque" sang to my unconscious: Lo! a banquet is / arranged before us…/ this collection is a banquet of otherworldly dreams, techno-magic, familiar images mutated unexpectedly by Bergmann's expert and moving wit."

--linda addison
Time and Space Magazine

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dog days of late, autumn

Right now we are working on our two Fall books (Dan McGuire & Francine Tolf) and assorted reprints, as well as the anthology. We're starting our news-spreading for the contest. We still have the Sandy Crimmins Award which we have sort of put on the back-burner inadvertantly. It can be tough to focus on the press when there are so many other things going on.

We're (I'm) plotting the construction of the Anthology, which we may end up creating in-house so I can have more control over it. It's been a few weeks since we did substantial work on the press (aside from our everlasting car trip to Western MD). The last session I made was devoted to cleaning up the website.

Of note: We are now collecting e-mail addresses of people who want e-announcements of book releases, events, and contests. Just go to our front page.

Katy Jean (the beleaguered) May
Creative Director & MOM

Friday, September 12, 2008

happy anniversary, Katy Jean May!

On this day, six years ago, on a beautiful late summer afternoon, at 3:00 PM, Katy Jean & I got married by the local JOP (Justice of the Peace). It's been a hectic time for us since. Both of us artists and working at being a married couple, and now with two little O's to boot. There's the Press we run, the books we publish and the occasional art we actually produce on our own. Like this piece by Katy Jean from earlier this year.

As we enter the 5th autumn of scheduled books, I want to take this brief moment to thank her publicly and in our own little blog-universe for everything and hope to spend many lifetimes with you (Katy). I also want to mention that Dan McGuire's book is nearly completion with Francis Tolf's not far behind.

There is a brief east coast reading tour by F J Bergmann in the works with stops in New York and Philly and more controlled mayhem to follow.

stay tuned and have a great weekend


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Recovering from Book Fair HELL

It wasn't hell as much as it was a 3 hours jaunt through Tropical Storm Hanna with 2 young children to arrive at a book fair in the far westerner corner of Maryland. A bit like Northern Exposure meets Twin Peaks.

It rained, and rained, and rained all the way there. It was an interesting event that might have been enhanced had we not arrived car-lagged, hungry, burdened, overwrought, shouted-out, road weary, and generally already at each other's throats after driving with two whining kids. Yeah, there might have been a better way to deal with it, staying at home, for example.

The event was not terribly well attended and for the community of Cumberland, Maryland, Hanna was not the issue whatsoever as it never reached that far corner. It was home-grown neglect. Old fashion apathy. Which ought not subtract from the heroic efforts of the Frostburg University Center of Creative Writing nor their ringleader, Gerry LaFemina.

I don't take much from the first George Bush's administration, but I do appropriate his "thousand points of light" phrase from time to time, and I do here because it's necessary for folks like LaFemina and his students to add to the culture. As I had been able to contribute with Bardfest in Berks County, PA so these stubborn and eager volunteers have done in Cumberland, Maryland. I also want to note the wonderful generosity of the library in Cumberland and the small presses who also ventured great distances to attend this event. I was glad to meet Reb Livingston for No Tell Motel, for example, who lives close to us in Northern Virginia.

But we were numb from the journey there and drank just enough coffee to pile back into the car for the equally long drive home, which included a huge 45 minute parking lot sometimes called Interstate 66 (east bound) due to a nasty accident we never saw but believe was out there....somewhere.

We have eleven months to contemplate any further involvement with this event, but if you live within fair driving distance, we highly recommend you check it out. Western Maryland Publishing Fair.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Plan B Press at Small Press Fair on Sept. 6

Plan B Press will be participating in and manning a table at the Second Annual Western Maryland Publishing Fair from NOON to 4:30 this Saturday at the Washington Street Library in Cumberland, MD. Should be lots of fun, photos will appear shortly after the event on our site.

Hope to see you there!