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Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking ahead to Spring 2010

We are publishing three chapbooks plus the 2010 poetry contest winner this coming season while working hard with Kim Roberts to promote the very impressive anthology Full Moon on K Street that is soon to be released. Two of the poets we are publishing are Tony Brewer and Joseph Kerschbaum, who comprise half of Reservoir Dogwoods, an Indianapolis-based spoken word group. Brewer had submitted an entry into the 2009 poetry chapbook contest and I was the reader of his submission and found it very good. After the results of the contest were made known, I wrote Tony and asked him to resubmit the collection. He sent back the now revised collection, "Little Hand in Big Glove", which I felt was an extremely powerful collection.

On the other hand, Joseph Kerschbaum had sent a different collection and then sent a second one when asked. Neither Joseph or Tony mentioned that they worked together - as I was putting together the Spring season I noticed that they both lived in Indianapolis area so I googled them, and hmmm, how about that? I picked two poets who knew each other and worked together. Without knowing, of course, the "happy accident" if you will.

Funny how that happens

till soon


Saturday, December 19, 2009

updating Plan B Press

I want to begin by thanking Jim Mancinelli for curating and hosting a terrific new series in Philadelphia - at the Fishtown Airways gallery - called "Plan B Press poetry series" (catchy name, don'cha think?)

Jim started the series in April 2009 and it has just completed its first year, he will have a fresh new schedule beginning in Jan. 2010. Fantastic job, Jim, many thanks. I also want to extend my appreciation to Talia Weisz for putting together what has been described as a "marvelous evening" at Wild Goose Creative in Columbus, Ohio which doubled as her own book release party and group reading featuring Robert Miltner and Jason Venner. Jason's brand new book, Opening Up the Trees, is freshly out on Plan B Press. In addition to Jason, Katy Whittingham of Mass. is the newest member of the group. Her also freshly printed By a Different Ocean has just returned from the printers and it making its way out into the wide, wide world.

In a few precious weeks, after the season to be jolly has run its course, we will be on a path of incredible opportunity thanks to our teaming up with poet and editor Kim Roberts. Kim is the editor of the beltway online poetry journal which is also the best resource for poets in the DC area as it lists all the reading series, contest info, regional publisher info and features about the city of Washington, D.C. - a position she has now held for 10 years. Thus marking a 10 year anniversary, thus befitting such an anniversary - the reason for Full Moon on K Street : Poems about Washington DC . 160 pages, 101 poets. It's going to be an incredible ride as Kim has nearly monthly readings to support the anthology and to celebrate ten years of online success across the region and as far flung as Chicago (yes, there will be a reading in Chicago, a western surburb of DC). Can't wait for that to start! Jan. 2010!!

On Feb. 5, 2010 at the Soundry in Vienna, VA will be the next Poetry Lab which has gotten off to a terrific start. In Feb., we will have as featured poets, Mary Ann Larkin and Patric Pepper. We published gods & flesh by Larkin in 2007. Together Larkin and Pepper ARE Pond Road Press. The readings at the Soundry take place on the first Friday of the month at 8PM. In March 2010 CL Bledsoe will be reading.

Then on Feb. 9, 2010 at Moonstone Arts Center (formerly Robin's Bookstore) 110 south 13th Street in downtown Philadelphia will be a group reading with Collins, Mancinelli, Belluomini, Maguire, Bodien, Bullard and Meyers; these readings begin at 7PM.

much more soon,

Plan B Press

Friday, December 18, 2009

the value of the small press...

found this piece on the blog of Paul Sutherland's blog, it deals with the value of the small presses. Quite right indeed.

till soon

s - a - m

Thursday, December 10, 2009

more feedback from the Poetry Lab (12/4/09)

this posting from Bernadette Geyer, who was in attendance for the first Poetry Lab.


s - a - m

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

new to the "team" : Angelo Colavita

Introducing to all is the newest member of our Plan B Press team - Angelo Colavita has agreed to be our Philadelphia Publicity and Events Coordinator. Thanks Angelo! Now get out there and set the city on fire with poetry!!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

a review of the first Poetry Lab 12/4/09

the following was written shortly after the first Poetry Lab was completed:

"Well, for those who didn't make it last night (Peace and I were there, representin' Reston), Steve has put together a really good event at the Soundry in a perfect place for a poetry gathering. Imagine this.. a building that at one time was used as an auto garage. cleaned up and repainted and turned into an artists loft, an art galery, a performance stage and a coffee shop with free wireless Internet. (The stage and cafe are in separate parts of the building so you don't get the background noise with coffee grinders, blenders and espresso machines as in other places, I have read. There is nothing worse that that.) I have been to Business networking meetings where as a presenter, I was limited to what I could do by the location in that there wasn't Internet available of any kind, including GSM/cell. Of course I am thinking of the possibilities of Internet to support the Poetry Lab event Steve has talked about for April.

The Soundry has more of an industrial feel than the "tea an biscuts" (Peace's words) literary feel of that in Reston. However, that is what makes it really appealing. The moment that you walk through the door, your realize that this is a different kind of place, set aside for those who create. As you walk the winding art lined path back to the performance room, you get the distinct impression that you are about to become part of the communal, artistic, organic life-form that is the Soundry.

This is an open mic event, that really has a mic. Unless you can project your voice really well -- because of the size of the space, and the semi industrial accoustics and at times the heater kicks on. when reading there, one should consider that its use is not optional, as people will not be able to hear everything you are saying otherwise.

On a side note, the small coffee shop at the Soundry makes a good cup of coffee (free refills) that is distinguished by the lack of Starbuckian, or Carrabou Coffeean stigmas of corporate branding. The protective cardboard cup ring that prevents you from burning your fingers, blatantly reads "F*CK THE MACHINE", which helps the coffee taste that much better.

It is a significant event. A place to bring newly written poetry, let it rip, and press upon the boundaries of poetry that are often limited by what you can do in a coffeehouse or other place of business.

- Saul"