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Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking ahead to Spring 2010

We are publishing three chapbooks plus the 2010 poetry contest winner this coming season while working hard with Kim Roberts to promote the very impressive anthology Full Moon on K Street that is soon to be released. Two of the poets we are publishing are Tony Brewer and Joseph Kerschbaum, who comprise half of Reservoir Dogwoods, an Indianapolis-based spoken word group. Brewer had submitted an entry into the 2009 poetry chapbook contest and I was the reader of his submission and found it very good. After the results of the contest were made known, I wrote Tony and asked him to resubmit the collection. He sent back the now revised collection, "Little Hand in Big Glove", which I felt was an extremely powerful collection.

On the other hand, Joseph Kerschbaum had sent a different collection and then sent a second one when asked. Neither Joseph or Tony mentioned that they worked together - as I was putting together the Spring season I noticed that they both lived in Indianapolis area so I googled them, and hmmm, how about that? I picked two poets who knew each other and worked together. Without knowing, of course, the "happy accident" if you will.

Funny how that happens

till soon


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