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Friday, July 31, 2009

more reason to avoid Kindle

Amazon Sued Over Kindle Deletions

When you buy an actual BOOK, it is yours - it can not be deleted as an electronic file it is an actual physical thing. Any notations you make in your BOOK remain there as long as you keep that BOOK. Apparently, the same is not true of "reading devises". Expense little kink they need to fix, I believe. (it is not a book, it is not a book, it is not...)

have a great weekend!


Monday, July 20, 2009

new books are out

Chris Bullard You Must Not Know Too Much
Talia Weisz When Flying Over Water
Bob Marcacci a man floats

are all available now. The first printing of Bullard's book as his was our 2009 contest winner and he gets the lion's share to himself. He is reading tomorrow night in Philadelphia at the Fishtown poetry series with host Jim Mancinelli. The other two poets are currently traveling abroad so, they won't be reading in support of their books for a several more weeks. We will announce their availability to our mailing list contacts before general distribution. Look for it soon!

David Highsmith congregations is now at the printers. We anicipate it being available by the end of the month or early August at the latest.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Our Late Season: an Update

We are still in our spring season.

Yes, it's true.

This season keeps on going and going. We still have three more books in the works for the "spring": When Flying Over Water, You must not know too much (our 2009 chapbook contest winner), and congregations. When Flying Over Water is actually complete, so we're planning a release date for that. You must not know too much is at the printer, and congregations is nearing the end.

It's just been a long, long spring.

We are in the process of changing locations, I've had an employment shift lately, and we were stricken by massive computer problems that continue to plague us. It's been a really rough season overall. I am planning to have a light autumn consequently since we'll be getting a late start. Of course,... Steven will be weighing in on that I'm sure.

If we can get settled in to a new computer and new location soon, I anticipate our upcoming seasons to be more timely. Anticipate - not guarantee.