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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Things that Plan B Press is thankful for:
1) Plan B Press' family of authors
2) our readers and fans
3) our children who bring brevity
4) that not everyone in the U.S. hates poetry
5) the Bush II presidency nearing its end
6) that Plan B Press isn't reliant upon daily book sales
7) indoor plumbing and working electric
8) that we have assembled 10 anthologies so far
9) creativity, in all forms

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A name too close

Someone wrote Plan B yesterday asking if we were Plan B Books (yes, apparently there is a small press called that). That other press seems to do cookbooks. We don't do cookbooks. I hope people note the difference.

so, how are you doing?

s - a - m

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I finally created the first anthology sample last weekend. I'm figuring out the kinks in the process and trying to improve them as I go. Considering how small this run of books is going to be I don't have many chances to improve the design, but since it's all in-house I can adapt as I go which is nice. When sending books out to a printer, it's entirely out of my hands. So if something comes back wrong, there's not much I can do until it's too late. But creating every part of the book by hand can also be slow and laborious. Yay for technology... sometimes.

So here it is- one of the review samples that we will be sending out. Our authors should be receiving their copies in the next week or two, as I continue to cut, paste, print and tape.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Website Maintenance and Other Slow-Moving Endeavors

Both proofs are out for our Fall authors, and we are now assembling the anthologies.

I spent yesterday afternoon updating the website, mostly just updating content. The only major change is that we now have this blog accessible from our front page. So if you like to check out our website and the blog you can do it all from one spot.

I don't check on it as much as I'd like so updates take a while to implement. We would like to make more major changes but there just isn't the time to do that right now.

We're currently working out receiving payments through instead of just snail-mail checks and We know that's limiting to a lot of people and want to make purchasing through us as easy as possible. If you have any suggestions to make our website more user friendly or if you see anything that's missing or if there's too much info on something... let us know! We appreciate the feedback. We can't always fix it, but we can try.