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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

dusting off our loose skin

I had forgotten this blog was here - it doesn't talk to me, honestly, or my hearing aid needs new batteries. At the same time, Plan B Press is still reading manuscripts but needs to be WOW'd. Wow'd I say, blown away WOW'd. We haven't been - unfortunately. Not of late. Not for too long a period of time which has nothing to do with the lack of writing this blog but has to do more with, well, forgetting one's place in line. A plate too full. Etc.

A few weeks ago, there was a great reading at a small bookstore in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia featuring Daniel Collins, Blaine Martin, Michael Gushue, Michele Belluomini, and myself. We published Blaine and Michael within the past year. We published Michele for the second time last year as well. A Whole Armada of Loss is Blaine's book. Michael Gushue's chapbook is entitled Pachinko Mouth. Michele's second chapbook we have published is signposts for sleepwalkers.