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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Food for the soul, people

As many of us are feeling the pinch of food costs, gas prices and basic consumer goods rising, those of us selling non-life-sustaining products (like books) are at the end of the chain. It's more likely that Joe and Jane Consumer are going to opt for food than a lovely little poetry chapbook. It is heartening in a way that the latest Batman movie has done so well, reflecting that we still have room for more than just necessities. Man can not live on bread alone, or as my mother says, "Food for the soul, Katy." So although times are tough and it can be wrenching to spend three dollars on a tomato or sixty dollars at the pump, we want to encourage you to indulge your soul in a little art, whether it's poetry, a movie, theater, music, an art gallery, or even a botanical garden. Food for the soul, people. Food for the soul.

Katy Jean May
Creative Director

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