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Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Projects, Including the Contest

We have a number of new projects coming up in 2009. Often I am unaware of the books we are publishing until the manuscripts are handed to me to lay out for the printer. This can be tricky when the book has zero visuality and I'm asked to provide a creative angle to it. hmmmm.

So whereas know that we have 2-4 projects lined up for the Spring (on top of the contest) I really don't know what they are yet. If I did I would let you know.

How is that for an uninformative post?

I believe the Sandy Crimmins First Book Award will be pushed to the Fall. simply because we have not focused on the publicity for it yet and it deserves some real attention that can not be given when we are working on our annual chapbook contest.

Our winners are always pleased with the books we come up with. There have been some less than stellar experiences with winners simply because they didn't put faith in our ability to produce a nice book, but the end product proved them wrong. I don't understand why you would pay to enter a book contest if you didn't think the publisher would do a good job with your book, but I'm not an author so perhaps I just don't understand.

To those of you entering our contest, best f luck to you, give me something good, and -yes- we DO make beautiful books.

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