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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

too many oars in the water

it's bloody impossible to keep up with all the platforms that Plan B Press has, especially with two kids under foot and losing EVERYTHING on our Hard Drive a week ago (computer:I don't see a HD) All gone, all fucking gone.

William is obsessed with Star Wars and dance class. Julia is obsessed with going into First grade. I am obsessed with making sense of our incredible loss and putting together our Fall 2012 season, and what the hell else is going on with everything while trying desperately not to think about what was lost. (ie, EVERYTHING!)

it's impossible to keep up, to keep relevant, to keep my 17 oars rowing in something like the same direction - without whacking me in the head. This is where I find myself. Looking to our running man icon and wondering where in the hell he is running to.

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