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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As a press it's crucial to be aware of time at all times. Knowing when book release parties are in relation to when books are due back from printers, and which authors haven't corrected their proofs or signed their contracts, and whose books are out for reviews; it can all get a bit jumbled at times. We try to balance out reading manuscripts with the day-to-day need-meeting of our current authors.

This is why we have instituted blocks of time during the year when we read manuscripts. We are the least stressed during those times (theoretically) and can read your submissions with the most open and focused mind. So please keep in mind the dates that we list on our site if you're considering submitting a manuscript to us… or in fact whomever you are submitting your work to, whether an e-zine, magazine, journal or press.

Also, it would really behoove you to browse our store. No really. Every single book that we are selling has a sample poem from the book so you can actually taste test before buying (or submitting). We don't cater to only one style of poetry, but there's definitely stuff that we don't like and it's reflected in what we DO publish.

Katy Jean May
Creative Director

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