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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Philly area bookstores we are involved with

"When the press moved to Philadelphia in 2003, we started up a relationship with Robin's Bookstore at 13th and Sansom Streets ( It is touted as the oldest independent bookstore in Philadelphia. It's got history, it's got family-like clientele, and it's got a jam-packed events schedule. Robin's was very accommodating and nurturing and we met some really talented poets and some really good friends. It was a bit DIY to make readings happen, but we lived close by so it worked out nicely. Now that we're in Virginia it's not as easy so we haven't been able to host as much there. Our newest PBPer, Kristine Grow, will be having a book party there tonight, April 24, 2008, in fact.

In 2004 we met Angie Roach who was just starting up a bookstore in the Bourse building in Old Town called Voices and Visions. We had some great readings there too and enjoyed working with Angie. It held so much promise, but for one reason or another it wobbled and is regretfully no longer around.

There's a gentrifying little city in southeastern PA called Phoenixville. It's about a half hour outside Philadelphia. Among neat little shops, restaurants is Wolfgang Books ( It serves as both a new and used bookstore, providing excellent selections of all types of literature. The owners were fantastic and let us set up a once-per-month reading schedule all to our little selves. Occasionally we are able to travel north and attend the readings. We thoroughly enjoy the time we get to spend with our authors whom we rarely get to see in person.

Please check out our schedule of events . You won't regret attending one. If you have any ideas for other venues or would like to get a Plan B Poet in your store or venue, please contact us at"

Katy Jean May
Creative Director

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