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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

lost in the day-to-day

Lost in the day-to-day, struggling through sleepless nights and the blur of days. These two are the most responsible for our current condition and situation. They aren't very good at editing or book stapling or cataloguing but they know to make a house-wide mess of their own book. Their grandma just brought them a dollhouse which doubles as a bookcase, and boy does it.

I went back to the National Gallery in DC and wrote out the text to the Agnes Meyer-Marius de Zayas piece, Mental Reaction. I can hear the piece. I can hear a woman reading this piece. I wonder if it had ever BEEN read or performed, or if its life ended when it was used in 291 magazine back in 1915-16.

Katy & I have two kids, Julia and William. William AKA "Dexy" scratched his mom in the eye on Sunday and caused a corneal abrasion. We were at the emergency room of the local hospital at 3AM yesterday (was it yesterday? yes, it was). Kids make life so.... interesting.

I was reading a book on Gertrude Stein recently (reached a certain page and then stopped; got distracted) and the author was discussing the friendship between Stein and Picasso, and said of Picasso's studio that it was "fruitful disorder". I would use the phrase "creative chaos" to define our lives at the moment. It's challenging to be domestic and creative at the same time, in the same space.

but, we keep pushing the boulder up that hill all the same....

s - a - m

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