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Monday, August 11, 2008

of go & why - Daniel Collins

As we both recall, Dan and myself, it was in 2003 - it was during the poetry festival I was presenting in Philadelphia called "Poets Among Us" and he appeared at one of the events and read during the open, and I heard the voice of Kerouac revived through his words and mouth, this unknown, this Daniel Collins recently arrived from Ithaca, NY where he had made his mark via Compassionately Stoneground Books. And my jaw dropped at the sound of him, the manner and poise and altogether of him. Come to find out he had indeed read Kerouac but won't claim to be channeling him. He was more than the words on the page or the voice that revealed them.

He was a musician as well, and his 'for-food-and-rent' job was that of a documentary filmmaker. But hidden in him as well as this talent, this SELF so clearly and unmistakenly older than his years. We invited him to read at future events and over time decided that what he possessed needed to be brought out in book form. So was born 'of go & why'.

And now in its third printing, we tout him even moreso for the future he is, for the words he utters, for the vision he sees.

thanks Daniel
may your road be filled with adventure

s - a - m

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