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Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas Weekend

Plan B Press staff spent the Christmas weekend in Pennsylvania with family and friends.

On Saturday we visited Center City and made a few business and social calls. One stop was to Robin's Bookstore (13th and Sansom) which as we mentioned in an earlier blog is closing as a bookstore and reopening on its second floor as an event space ( There are huge discounts on their inventory for those interested in stopping in.

The second floor is almost unrecognizable to me. There's now a stage constructed at the window and the office wall has been torn down. Black plastic sheeting was hung while we were visiting. It's very transitional. Unfortunately, Larry wasn't there at the time; so we couldn't chat with him, but we saw others that we knew and got caught up.

Our books are now officially and completely pulled from the shelves of Robin's (with the exception of a missing box of books sent earlier this year), so although there are still some chapbooks and full-length poetry books by other publishing companies still available there, our books are not. Wolfgang Books in Phoenixville is the only bookstore in southeastern PA that still carries our titles. Aside from that is our website with secure online buying:

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