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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home Base

Plan B Press started up in Leola, Pennsylvania via Dianne Miller in 1998. It then moved (west) to Philadelphia in 2003 when Steve and I took it over. A year later, when graduate school came knocking, we moved (south) to Alexandria, Virginia for the next four years; and finally (well, not forever we hope) ended up in Fairfax earlier this year.

That's a lot of moving for a little company. We've changed our mailing address on catalogues, websites, books, etc. so many times that we don't print it anymore. It's online and it will stay that way. We have letterhead and business cards with previous addresses that we opt to white-out or just recycle the whole lot. Fortunately, we invested in a post office box for many of these years. Unfortunately we kept our 2080 P.O. Box in Philadelphia long after we moved; and checking the contents posed a problem when we were living three hours away. So we resigned ourselves and bought a box in Fairfax, but I'm not about to go out and get any new letterhead. Our phone number and website will do. After all, nothing is permanent.

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