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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last of the Season

I've been working the past few days on the anthology and on Maguire's and Tolf's books. I got a really late start on the season so I'm trying to race to the finish now without sacrificing quality and attention. I was never the crammer in college, waiting until the last week to study for finals, but it certainly looks that way now.

We're doing the anthology in-house entirely. The books will be completely hand-done. We will be printing, binding, stamping, stapling and pasting them together ourselves. I've been toying with the idea of inscribing each one since there will be such a minimum number printed, but the jury's still out. We will be sending a few out for reviews etc. Those will be the first out the door. Our authors will come second. Lastly will be the ones available for sale. As Steven mentioned, please e-mail us if you are interested in a pre-order. This doesn't mean that you would be obligated to get one (since we don't even know what to charge for them yet) but it would gauge how many we would be printing. I hope to have a sneak preview online in the next week or two. I'm excited about it though. It's looking pretty so far.

Katy Jean May
Creative Director

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