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Friday, October 24, 2008

Shameless Promotion

Lately it's difficult to pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing some sort of economic report suggesting tips on how to save money and find financial success. These tips often look something like this:

1) Stop buying coffee every day.
2) Only go out to restaurants 2-3 times per week.
3) Save expensive splurges to once per month.
4) By some items on sale or buy generic.

These tips tend to be insulting to the average bear, as many of us are already doing all this and more.

I also hear some people complain that our books are too expensive because they're priced around... seven bucks. Seven bucks and they complain. So here is my own list, explaining why seven (or even nine) bucks is not too much to pay for a Plan B Press Book:

1) Authors retain between 30-40% of the commission on online sales.
2) These are limited-run books, we're talking 50-200 copies max.
3) Plan B Press is an independent business, primarily using a Philadelphia-based printer.
4) Our books are lovely, and our authors rave about them.
5) In cases such as Sandy's book (String Theory) and the Now(then) anthology, the books are hand-bound.
6) The poetry is wonderful, truly great writing. And the variety between books makes having more than one PBP book a sensible choice.
7) Most books are either seven or nine dollars. You will have this book forever. It will not be drunk in one evening at a bar. It will not be worn once and then thrown in the back of your closet, destined for the Goodwill pile. It is a good investment.

1 comment:

F.L/ D.L. said...

Asking $9 is not too much, especially given the extreme resell markup one sees on Amazon. $75.00 plus shipping-- crazy!