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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

updates on the 10 year anthology

"This anthology has become more difficult to assemble of late. It's time constraints for one. Add to that the finding of the paper, board, tape, etc. that I will need to assemble it, and also the challenge of adjusting to our new environs (and store opportunities) in Fairfax, VA and it becomes even trickier. I believe I've finally found an art store (maybe) close by that will have some of what I'm looking for. And hopefully within the next two weeks or so I will have a prototype to send out, as I begin mass producing them by hand. Yes, you heard that right. When you run an off-the-cuff publishing company, everything is mass produced by hand, for better or worse. Stay tuned."

Katy Jean May
Creative Director - and Mom

1 comment:

Meleenia said...

I feel your pain, TIME, is not on our side as mom - career woman - wife - artist - not necessarily in that order.
I'm thinking of you guys!